Very good to see, thanks for connecting me that

Very good to see, thanks for connecting me that

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But just to improve – On is actually abit deprecated program when you look at the SGS, SGS2 and you will similiar models. It can be utilized to handle modem directly from Desktop (not sure if the Pc is actually really talking-to modem otherwise to part of Android’s HALs, that is next speaking with modem, having like. raya USB-UART multiplexer when you look at the I9000 and you can S8500/S8530 try capable to key mobile phone MicroUSB vent ranging from AP USB/UART and you will CP USB/UART. An element of the handling screen included in over models was RPC by way of oneDRAM mutual-recollections city. There are products such as for instance “dpram”, “onedram”, “modemctl” when you look at the kernel – these are critical for correct operating away from modem. In the event RIL is utilizing During the requests, it will upload him or her courtesy RPC. AP-CP UART partnership seems to be used only for early booting stage (at the least in I9000 and you may S8500, have not analysed I9100 however, imagine that’s similiar)

Ad1. There may be zero real power to talk to modem myself towards SGS2 and also at responses you’ll receive SS (Complex Cellular Customer Software – RTOS doing Qualcomm’s CP)

Ad4. Such datasheets is actually really guarded secrets out-of suppliers. Just single, unfinished guides leak away from Qualcomm, not even useful. In addition to AP-CP RPC protocol are proprietary away from Samsung, they got AMSS sources out of Qualcomm as they are including its individual people here.

Oh sure, We provided Qualcomm since analogy, but is CP during the SGS2 Qualcomm? It was not QC equipment to your SGS1 however, tbh it is reasonably most signed supply.

If you’re AP-CP low level process try opensource (there are it within the dpram/onedram/modemctl motorists during the kernel), higher level of the level – gathered with the sec-RIL, is not. AP-CP process varies between I9000 and you may S8500 (standard style remains the exact same, only this has been rewriten thus packet products and formations is actually different), but if you need it – our company is creating opensource RIL to possess S8000/S8500/S8530/S8600 product collection, designed to work on Android os ports for them – (department fresh-MochaIPC)


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For as long as the fresh modem is effective, there can be absolutely nothing need certainly to dig into details of just how ril communicate with modem, but once this new modem does not work because it will be (Within my case it would not check in with the singular particular cellular user), an in the demand which can would a factory reset of one’s modem would-be of good use

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That During the are deprecated is no secret, but the truth (at the least predicated on certain firmware pros) is the fact it can still be a while up until the OEM’s will get eliminate the fresh new (AT) reliance of the secret and you may crappy exclusive firmware, that often have to be backwards suitable.

Regarding whether I am conversing with AP or CP. You are probably true that I’m conversing with AP courtesy HAL. At the very least away from SGS2 take off diagram, UART-step 3 is within the AP, but linked to an even-shifter on the PMIC (still for a passing fancy SoC), that is consequently attached to the BP UART-X. (I don’t have a clue as to the reasons this is done so.) Very whatever the case it see that the AT’s are interacting with their appeal, compliment of certain abstraction coating, and therefore sung People rather than away from a community (phone) critical shells.

Practical question try, what goes on when we you will need to utilize the Bada secret, to enter ServiceMode (SM) and permit the newest associated BP availability? However the SM differs on the SGS and this option is not obviously readily available. not, there is certainly:

[ Revise ] I found they! Your choice of AP/BP commitment choices when linking the mobile phone given that a USB customer, in order to a computer servers, should be by hand place in the new PhoneUtil (PU) diet plan. This kits the new choices of cell phone when hooking up they so you can a computer, to be able to come across if you love they to behave just like the a good Modem otherwise PDA, to your USB and you may/otherwise UART vent. The PU menu differs from new ServiceMode eating plan.

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