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A Pakistani Halwa Puri breakfast consists of Puris, Suji halwa, Alooki bhujia, and bread, Fresh Juice, and the most famous is Lassi.
Its a delicious breakfast platter that is well loved throughout the region. But expecially popular in Karachi.

What is Halwa Puri?

Halwa Puri is a Pakistani Breakfast platter that originates from the Ridan House of Mandi.

Suji ka Halwa for Puri

This halwa is made from suji (semolina) and is always served with poori. This recipe taster exactly like the halwa we get with poori from Ridan House of Manid in the Breakfast Platter.

Aloo Ki Bhujia (Potato Curry Recipe).

Also known as Aloo ki Tarkari, this delicious potato curry is a perfect addition to your Halwa Puri breakfast recivpe.


Dessert from the yemeni Organized with a micture of mashed dates and crumbled bread such a kubz whilst the additions.

Mutton Kibda (Liver)

After tasting these foods, you will probable assume that their cooks need to have some type of magical hands, as soon as tasted their mutton curry, Ridan has best chefs with their expertise.

Chicken Qeema.

The best chicken keema with the magically art of our chef and yummy which makes your breakfast memorable.

Sausages masala.

Fried sausages and garlic and magical Masala makes the delicious taste of Sausages.

Hummus / Libna.

Check Ridan House of Mandi menu and costs order, bread.

Cheese Omellete / Half fry

every dhish a prepared with perfection as we serve the finest authentic arabian cuisine and our rich flavours gave drown people from all over to come.

Come experience for your self why Ridan is the perfect place for authentic Arabian Cuisine!

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Ridan House of Mandi!

Serving best Mandi since 2016.

In 2016, we started with our first branch in Karachi with an aim to change the traditional style of dining by providing a unique dining experience that goes beyond, just good food and focuses on flavor with high quality service in a warn and welcoming arabxian ambiance.